About Us

Expert genetic diagnostics

Genetic information - a major influence on course of life

bio.logis Center for Human Genetics is located in the Frankfurt Innovation Center (FIZ). It is an ambulatory clinical institute. By offering a comprehensive spectrum of genetic analyses bio.logis CfH participates in patient care. Patients also consult bio.logis CfH with genetic problems or they are referred by their physicians. Genetic counseling is a major part of bio.logis CfH´ services and is performed by expert clinical geneticists.

PGS.box and its application – genetic diagnosis 2.0

bio.logis CfH develops innovative information systems such as the PGS.boxes based on its comprehensive expertise in Human Genetics. The PGS.boxes enable interested persons and physicians to use genetic data for personal decision making and clinical purposes.

bio.logis CfH focuses on genetic information that is useful for improving health, e.g. by adjusting lifestyle or medications. We do not provide irrelevant genetic information. 

Experts for a responsible task

The bio.logis CfH team is composed of expert physicians, scientists, technicians, IT experts and economists. Much of the bio.logis CfH personnel was directly recruited from the universities Giessen-Marburg, Mainz, Charite-Berlin, IBM and other IT-firms. Prof. Dr. med. Daniela Steinberger is medical director of bio.logis CfH. She is a specialist in Human Genetics and has 20 years of experience in human genetic diagnosis.

Additional information on bio.logis CfH and its quality management is provided on the bio.logis CfH website.