decode DNA

Genes – important information on your life

An enormous wealth of information is hidden in our genome.  Its entire sequence has been deciphered and our knowledge of its function is increasing rapidly.  The information buried in the genome varies slightly between individuals. Thus some genes are expressed to a greater extent in some persons, to a lesser degree in others, and may even be absent in some. These genetic variations explain some of the diversity of humans such as different susceptibility to disease or different reaction to some drugs and environmental toxins. Some genetic variants increase risk for common diseases such as high blood pressure, others affect individual efficacy and tolerance of drugs or influence susceptibility to environmental toxins.  Knowledge of his/her personal genetic variations provides an individual with the opportunity to modify his/her lifestyle and to make decisions which positively affect health. Personal genomics services (PGS) offer several products that determine relevant genetic variants. PGS “Pharma” tests genetic variants relevant to medications and PGS “Carrier” provides information on genetic mutations that can cause disease in offspring. Learn more about the various PGS products and find out which suit your needs best.


Prevention and better living

Improve your health and personal wellbeing

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Family planning and pregnancy

Assume responsibility for your and your child´s health

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Medications and therapy

Avoid unwanted side effects and limited efficacy of your medications.

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