Questions on Security

  • Who has access to my data?

    Connection of your data with the user portal is password-protected. You can further protect your access using the gene.key. In this case the gene.key only facilitates access.

  • Can I safeguard my account?

    Your account is protected by user name and password. You can further protect your access using the gene.key. In this case your account can only be accessed using the gene.key; username and password alone do not suffice.

  • What is the function of the gene.key?

    The gene.key includes a safety certificate. It provides an additional opportunity to protect your account. The gene.key is particularly useful if you have provided access to a third person, e.g. a physician, and you intend later to close access to others.

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Questions on bio.logis CfH

  • Does bio.logis CfH address ethical and religious questions?

    bio.logis CfH is liable to strict legal restraints. Owing to its medical commitment the ethical standards of bio.logis are high.

  • Does bio.logis CfH offer genetic counseling?

    Please consult https://www.biologis.com/diagnostic_genetics/genetic_counselling to learn more about genetic counseling at bio.logis.

  • Who is bio.logis CfH?

    bio.logis Center for Human Genetics is located in the Frankfurt Innovation Center (FIZ). It is an ambulatory clinical institute. By offering a comprehensive spectrum of genetic analyses bio.logis participates in patient care. Patients also consult bio.logis with genetic problems or they are referred by their physicians. Genetic counseling is a major part of bio.logis´ services and is performed by expert clinical geneticists.

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Medical Questions

  • I know from pharma.sensor which genes I want to have analyzed. Can I limit the analysis to these genes?

    bio.logis does not offer the analysis of selected genes. The various PGS.boxes have been designed to provide an informative picture based on individual demands. Costs of analysis of single genes would not differ much from costs of analysis of an entire PGS.box.

  • May I order an upgrade on a comprehensive package without ordering a new box?

    Upgrades are possible provided you have agreed on storage of your sample. Please contact us for further information.

  • Do the results inform me about my personal risk for developing cancer or another fatal disease?

    The PGS.boxes were designed to offer direct benefit for improvement of health and lifestyle thereby reducing the risk for some diseases. In contrast, cancer and fatal diseases require intensive personal medical care. Therefore our offer of PGS.boxes does not include investigation of such diseases.

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Technical Questions

  • What are the technical requirements for access to the account?

    Online access is possible via all internet browsers or web-enabled computers. Your computer requires an USB port if you choose to further protect your account by the gene.key.

  • Can I access the account on a smartphone or a tablet computer?

    Yes that is possible unless you have previously secured your account on a different computer with the gene.key.

  • How can my physician get access to my account?

    It is easiest to provide your physician access on site using your username and password. Alternatively you can provide him/her with the access data. You can later secure your account using the gene.key thus disabling access by username and password alone.

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Questions on Ordering

  • How long does delivery of the box take?

    Once you have ordered a box you will receive a bill and an informed consent form that you need to sign and send back to us. Once payment and informed consent form have been received, bio.logis will ship the box and you should receive it within a few days.

  • I want to have the box sent to a different address. Is it possible to identify package as containing a genetic kit?

    Apart from the bio.logis logo, the package does not give any indication of containing a genetic kit.

  • May I return the product?

    There is a right to return PGS.boxes within the legal framework. You can also withdraw your informed consent. Please find the details in our terms of service.

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