Medical Questions

  • I know from pharma.sensor which genes I want to have analyzed. Can I limit the analysis to these genes?

    bio.logis does not offer the analysis of selected genes. The various PGS.boxes have been designed to provide an informative picture based on individual demands. Costs of analysis of single genes would not differ much from costs of analysis of an entire

  • May I order an upgrade on a comprehensive package without ordering a new box?

    Upgrades are possible provided you have agreed on storage of your sample. Please contact us for further information.

  • Do the results inform me about my personal risk for developing cancer or another fatal disease?

    The PGS.boxes were designed to offer direct benefit for improvement of health and lifestyle thereby reducing the risk for some diseases. In contrast, cancer and fatal diseases require intensive personal medical care. Therefore our offer of PGS.boxes does not include investigation of such diseases.

  • Can I be sure that the test takes into account the medicine I am currently taking?

    Please consult pharma-sensor at to find out whether sufficient knowledge is available on the drug in question.

  • Does insurance pay for my tests?

    In some countries private insurance companies cover the costs of personal genetic analysis in some cases. Statutory health insurance only covers costs for analyses requested by a physician based on a medical condition. Statutory health insurance does not reimburse preventive diagnosis or online PGS analyses.

  • What is the medical relevance of the findings?

    Your account provides a valid clinical report for your physician. Based on this report he/she can implement medical measures if required.