Questions on bio.logis CfH

  • Who is bio.logis CfH?

    bio.logis Center for Human Genetics is located in the Frankfurt Innovation Center (FIZ). It is an ambulatory clinical institute. By offering a comprehensive spectrum of genetic analyses bio.logis participates in patient care. Patients also consult bio.logis with genetic problems or they are referred by their physicians. Genetic counseling is a major part of bio.logis´ services and is performed by expert clinical geneticists.

  • What differentiates bio.logis CfH from other providers of gene tests?

    bio.logis CfH is an ambulatory center participating in patient care. The firm focuses on the analysis of genes of medical relevance to allow individuals to alter life style and improve health. Non-scientific claims are not made by bio.logis CfH.

  • Does bio.logis CfH address ethical and religious questions?

    bio.logis CfH is liable to strict legal restraints. Owing to its medical commitment the ethical standards of bio.logis are high.