Questions on Security

  • Who has access to my data?

    Connection of your data with the user portal is password-protected. You can further protect your access using the gene.key. In this case the gene.key only facilitates access.

  • Can I safeguard my account?

    Your account is protected by user name and password. You can further protect your access using the gene.key. In this case your account can only be accessed using the gene.key; username and password alone do not suffice.

  • What is the function of the gene.key?

    The gene.key includes a safety certificate. It provides an additional opportunity to protect your account. The gene.key is particularly useful if you have provided access to a third person, e.g. a physician, and you intend later to close access to others.

  • Can I have my account deleted at any time?

    You can easily have your account deleted upon request. Please use our contact form.

  • What happens to my sample after analysis?

    You determine the fate of your sample. Upon request it can be destroyed or stored. The latter possibility can be useful for future analyses at a reduced price.

  • Can I have samples analyzed from other persons?

    This is not possible. Each person requires informed consent for analysis of his/her sample. The German Genetics Diagnostics Act states that analysis of a sample is illegal without confirmed consent.

  • Lost my gene.key

    Please take good care of your gene.key in case you have used it to additionally protect your account. In this case the gene.key is a prerequisite for access. Should you have lost your gene.key, please contact us.

  • I have lost username and password, yet I still have my gene.key. Can you retrieve my data?

    We need a copy of your passport or another identification, the gene.key, and the receipt of the purchase of the This information enables us to identify your account using the gene.key. You will then receive login and password by mail. These steps are necessary to prevent theft or fraudulent use of your data.

  • I have lost my username, password, and gene.key. Can you retrieve my data?

    We cannot identify your account owing to anonymization of your data. Therefore your PGS.account cannot be used anymore. This safety precaution is part of the product and is a prerequisite for prevention of theft or fraudulent use of your data.