Technical Questions

  • What are the technical requirements for access to the account?

    Online access is possible via all internet browsers or web-enabled computers. Your computer requires an USB port if you choose to further protect your account by the gene.key.

  • Can I access the account on a smartphone or a tablet computer?

    Yes that is possible unless you have previously secured your account on a different computer with the gene.key.

  • How can my physician get access to my account?

    It is easiest to provide your physician access on site using your username and password. Alternatively you can provide him/her with the access data. You can later secure your account using the gene.key thus disabling access by username and password alone.

  • Can I print my data?

    Information on your online-account is vast. Economical and ecological reasons argue against printing the entire dataset which amounts to 600-900 printed pages. Of course it is possible to print individual pages. The clinical report for your physician is provided as PDF and can be easily printed.

  • I have technical problems accessing my account.

    Check whether username and password are correct. Make sure the gene.key is connected with your computer in case you have used this device for protection of your account. Check whether internet connection is stable. If you still have problems contact us.