How bio.logis PGS works


The PGS box provides easy access to your personal genetic information

There are several different PGS boxes differing in the scope of analysis. This enables you to choose the box that is best suited for your needs. The various boxes are listed under Product choice.

Content of

  • The includes everything required for DNA analysis of a saliva sample and for accessing your test results.
  • Test tube and funnel for sampling of saliva
  • Security bag for packaging of test tube
  • Shipping bag including address label and postage
  • PGS flyer including access information (user name and password) to personal results (PGS account)
  • Gene.key for access of PGS account on the PGS portal

Three steps towards your personal results       

Choose your personal and order on this website.

Collect your saliva sample following instructions. Send sample in shipping bag
Your sample will receive a bar code upon arrival at bio.logis CfH and is subsequently processed anonymously.