PGS — ideal diagnostic support for treating your patients is a valuable tool providing you with more information. It supports you during the diagnostic process and also assists you with the medication and preventive care of your patients. Expanding your knowledge about every one of your patients and adjusting their treatment accordingly with the help of the provided by bio.logis Zentrum für Humangenetik becomes as easy as using a laboratory for common blood tests. Use the pharma.sensor to learn more about how active ingredients are metabolized. In combination with genotyping results you can determine whether it is advisable to adjust your patient's treatment. Simply request a patient's customized findings and their medication from bio.logis.

Leverage the opportunities of our now:

  • use customized nutritional and lifestyle recommendation as part of medical check-ups;
  • benefit from more precise medication (dosage and choice of active ingredient) by knowing what your patient tolerates;
  • provide more comprehensive care in case of chronic illnesses;
  • use modern technology and state of the art research on drug tolerance;
  • treat demanding patients with the help of contemporary methods;
  • utilize securely provided results that are easy to manage.

To find out more about integrating PGS with your diagnostic and therapeutic practice, contact us by phone on +49 69 / 53084370 or e-mail us at