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What does DNS resolution mean?

DNS resolution is an essential component of the internet. It allows users to navigate between web pages and access online content. The Domain Name System (DNS) acts as a phonebook for websites, translating their domain name into an IP address that computers can understand – enabling us to visit them by simply typing in their URL. Whenever a user visits a website or tries to send emails, DNS resolves the corresponding hostname into its associated IP address to locate and communicate with it from different parts of the world. For example, when you type www.examplewebsite.com into your browser window, DNS translates this request into an IP address where you will be taken – such as 127.0×00-1f3a2b34567d8e9f10g11h12i13j14k15l16m17n18o19p20q21r22s23t24u25v26w27x28y29z30/. Without DNS resolution, we wouldn’t be able to get around the web so easily! Learn more about how DNS resolution performs.