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Why is DNS cache essential for every website owner?

DNS cache is an essential component of the Domain Name System (DNS). It is crucial for providing faster access to websites and other network services. A DNS cache is a temporary storage area that stores recently used web page addresses, IP addresses, and domain name records. When someone visits a website or uses another internet-based service, the computer looks up this data in its local Domain Name System cache to determine where it should send requests on behalf of the user. Suppose there’s no record for a particular address in the local DNS cache. In that case, it will query an external server such as those operated by ISPs or public DNS providers like Google Public DNS to request the information instead – essentially acting as an intermediary between users and their requested content across networks worldwide. The stored address details allow subsequent visits from that same user device to reach their destination more quickly without needing additional lookups each time they are accessed – thus improving performance overall for users experiencing slow loading times due to repeated lookups elsewhere on less-performant infrastructure. Find a detailed explanation of the DNS cache.